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Brick Approved K9 Performance

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About Brick Approved K9 Performance

Our Story

I am in the process of getting certified through a program offered through Catch Canine Trainer's Academy as a professional dog trainer. I expect to be completely Certified by the end of this year.

I have a passion. A passion for dogs and animals in need. I love to help people fulfill their biggest goals in mind. In Massage therapy, that meant living a pain free life. In Real Estate, that meant buying a home. In the pet trade, this means having an obedient dog that listens. It means having a dog with really great recall. It means being able to leave your dog at home alone for more than five minutes so you can have a life of your own.

My mission is to help keep dogs out of the shelter and in their homes. I train rescue dogs so they become more adoptable. I also help those dogs and their forever humans to form that bond that is necessary when they finally go home after adoption day. I also help train those crazy cute puppies to grow up continuing to be crazy cute with wonderful behaviors.

I am primarily focused on positive reinforcement training, however, I recognize that some dogs are tough and may require balanced training.  It is important that your dog receives a customized training plan to match it's individual needs. If I feel our situation is beyond my scope, I will refer you out to someone who is more refined in corrective training such as 

e-collar training.

An Idea is Born

I am a Licensed* and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and hold my license under the Florida Medical Board.  I’ve owned and operated my Injury Rehabilitation and Craniosacral Therapy practice for 20 years.  I am also a REALTOR*.  I was taught by the absolute best of the best in the industry and am very proud to say that I am a RE/MAX Agent. 

By no choice of mine, this career chose ME.  Most of my experience with dogs has been from working closely with rescue dogs at All Breed Rescue as well as working with my dog Brick.

Brick was one of All Breed’s transport dogs. I am proud to say, through extensive training, we are now a certified therapy dog team through Therapy Dogs of Vermont.  

Brick is the one who changed my life and the sole reason why Brick Approved K9 Performance was born!  

*both licenses are on inactive and referral status